From the principal Desk

We are fully conscious of the fact that environment around us make a lot of impact on how we feel, act and react. So to make learning an enjoyable experience for your child, we shall like to make the school a friendly and homely place .Also we would like our teachers to be among the best and teaching to be stimulating. For this we shall keep adding and improving our facilities. To start with following factors are in focus:

  • Noise and pollution free, natural environment.
  • Well furnished and nicely decorated classrooms
  • Small class strength.
  • Proper facilities for summer and winter seasons.
  • Bilingual and computer literate staff in main subjects.
  • Well planned Diary schedule to make learning a total experience rather than a monotonous monologue.
  • Computer base teaching and self study assignments in main subjects.
  • Purposeful computer training and minimum three hours of computer interaction per week, for high school students.